The idea…

…was to bring an Amiga on stage for live performance. I tried, but soon found out, that it just wouldn´t be possible. It´s tons of breakable equipment. The transportation would take a whole trunk and there would be no room for anything else. Since all the devices were designed to be used on a dektop, the danger of the whole setup beeing turned into a pile of plastic waste is horribly high. To make it short, it seems to be so much easier to use a conventional sampler / mp3 player / a rockband / whatever to do the sound.

Well, things will change, in a radical and devastating way. The „Riot AMIGA“ is about to come! (I don´t know when though…) If this works out, it will be something like a super cool Retro – Groovebox with:

- 2 channel original 8 bit sample sound (i know, Amiga can do more, but it quiets down somehow…)

- 4 channel Midi – sequencer (when using an old version of octamed, haven´t tried anything else yet, because i don´t need it)

- sampling function

- retro style keyboad

- CF card reader (…Amiga formated unfortunately)

- 19″ mountable

-…maybe an internal effect

This is, what it might look like…

1 Some 8″ portable TV. Hopefully it will be possible to recognize something on it.

2 Audio IN /OUT, 2 channels each

3 Midi IN / OUT

4 Power supply

5 Basic controls, not sure about them yet…

6 Trackball mouse

7 Rack casing, not sure about this too…

8 Card reader

9 A600 Keyboard

10 some weird coloured spraypaint skin…

Why not…

…use an Amiga 1200? Because its motherboard and keyboard would be bigger. Also i might not need the AGA chipset, since the A600 has got the same sound chip, as far as i know. Its Paula, i am about!

…use an Amiga 1200 and soundcard? Same reason. The basic system would also be much more expensive. Since i don´t know what i´m doing most of the time and the whole thing could… well, just explode maybe, it would be a waste of money and equipment. By the way… with a soundcard it wouldn´t be 8 bit anymore, so where is the point? ;)

…use disk drive, CD or something? Might be possible. But i have been using an Akai MPC, which also reads CF and it turned out pretty handy.

…use some better looking case? The idea is to build a device, that can be used on stage. It has got to be -at least kinda- stable. Also i like the idea of mounting it into a rack.

…put an effect device in it? I thought about that. A distortion would be awesome! A Kaos pad sounds nice too, but is way too expensive. If there is any room for that, i´ll do it. Uh, well… and power supply. Mhm, so maybe not.

…give it a rather pathetic name? A – TA – RI -TEEN – AGE – RIOT !!!

This is, what i got so far…

An Amiga 600 in working condition and 2 mb ram, a 1 IN / 3 OUT Midi Interface and a Stereo 8 bit Sound Sampler.

Stuff i need to get…

- a propper power supply

- amiga compatible trackball

- some flat and portable screen, which can be powered by the power supply, i also dont have yet…

- the whole „CF card for Amiga“ thing. I have to figure out, either to use the pcmcia or the ide onboard controler for that. Maybe both?

- some cables, adapters and connectors

- the case. But this will surely be the last thing to worry about.

…Alright, here we go!

4 Antworten auf „The idea…“

  1. 1 Arne Treholt 18. November 2009 um 17:01 Uhr

    Cool. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Would be nice to hear how it works during a live setting as well. I have used an a600 on stage for about 40+ concerts, but in its original casing and with a big f***-off tv. :)

  2. 2 Administrator 24. November 2009 um 4:21 Uhr

    Nice, which band??

  3. 3 Arne Treholt 12. Januar 2010 um 17:02 Uhr

    It was more of an art project and it was all improvised music. We have not released anything.

    What trackball are you using? How does it feel navigating menus and working with the sample editor (accuracy when setting loops etc.)?

  4. 4 Administrator 12. Januar 2010 um 22:40 Uhr

    Ah, ok. What a pity…

    The trackball is nice! I had to get used to it first, but it turned out pretty handy. It seems also to be just as precise as the standart mouse. I am happy with it :)

    I decided to leave it outside the casing, to save some room on tne top and to be more flexible.

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